Access Problems

All GBV databases are available online via the world wide web, although access to a particular database may be subject to authorization.

The authorization is provided by checking the IP-address of your computer. If this address is listed in our list of known addresses, access is granted, otherwise rejected.

In case you cannot access a database, to which you are supposed to have an access, this could be due to either of the following reasons:-

  1. The IP address of your computer might have changed due to local reconfiguration and we have not been informed of the same. Please make your netadmin let us know the actual IP address space of your institution.
  2. The IP address of your computer is unknown to us because your are accessing our system out of an unknown address space. This happens if your are accessing the internet via a public service provider like AOL, T-Online etc.

Nevertheless you may use our databases if you have got an personal ILL (Inter-Library-Loan) access number with pincode from your library or institution. After identification you have access to all databases, which are licensed to this library.
In order to identify please click the "Login" button on our database menu pages. You'll find this button on the upper right corner of the page.