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OLC-SSG are subject-oriented extracts of the Online Contents. The journal titles are usually scanned retrospective to the year of publication in 1993.
In the following table you can find all Special Subject Collections we offer up to now.

Special German CollectionsLibraries and Contact PersonsOnline Contents Contributing Libraries
Africa in the South of the Sahara UB Frankfurt
Anglistics SUB Göttingen
Architecture and Civil Engineering TIB Hannover
Arts and Art Sciences SLUB Dresden and UB Heidelberg SLUB Dresden and UB Heidelberg
Asia and Northafrica SBB-PK Berlin, ULB Halle, Südasien Institut Heidelberg and Leibniz Institute for Global and Regional Studies SBB-PK Berlin, ULB Halle and Südasien Institut Heidelberg
Astronomy SUB Göttingen
Baltic Countries UB Greifswald UB Greifswald
Book Studies, Library and Information Sciences SBB-PK Berlin, FH Potsdam und BSB München SBB-PK Berlin and FH Potsdam
Chemistry TIB Hannover TIB Hannover
Classics UB Heidelberg and BSB München UB Heidelberg and BSB München
Contemporary History SBB-PK Berlin and BSB München SBB-PK Berlin, FES Bonn and WLB Stuttgart
Earth Sciences UB Freiberg
East European Studies SBB-PK Berlin and BSB München SBB-PK Berlin
East- and Southeast Asia SBB-PK Berlin and Leibniz Institut of Global and Area Studies SBB-PK Berlin
Economic Sciences ZBW Hamburg and HSU Hamburg HSU Hamburg
Education Research UB Erlangen-Nürnberg
Environment TIB Hannover TIB Hannover
Ethnology HU Berlin
Forestry SUB Göttingen
French and General Romance Studies ULB Bonn, UB Mainz and BSB München ULB Bonn, UB Mainz and DFI Ludwigsburg
French and Italian Studies ULB Bonn, UB Mainz and BSB München ULB Bonn and UB Mainz
German Language and Literature Studies UB Frankfurt UB Frankfurt
Greek and Latin Philology BSB München BSB München
Higher Education HU Berlin
History SBB-PK Berlin, SUB Göttingen, and BSB München SBB-PK Berlin
History of Technology SLUB Dresden SLUB Dresden
Ibero-America Ibero-America-Institute IAI-PK Berlin
Italian Studies ULB Bonn and BSB München ULB Bonn
International Relations and Area Studies Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik(SWP) and  The German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies(FIV)
Law SBB-PK Berlin SBB-PK Berlin
Mathematics and Computer Sciences TIB Hannover and SUB Göttingen TIB/UB Hannover
Movie and Theatre Science UB Frankfurt UB Frankfurt
Musicology Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung SIM-PK Berlin SIM-PK Berlin
Netherlands UB Münster UB Münster
North Europe UB Kiel UB Kiel
Pharmacy UB Braunschweig UB Braunschweig
Philosophy UB Erlangen-Nürnberg UB Erlangen-Nürnberg
Physics TIB Hannover TIB Hannover
Political Science and Peace Research SUB Hamburg SUB Hamburg
Psychology SULB Saarbrücken SULB Saarbrücken
Slavistics SBB-PK Berlin SBB-PK Berlin
Social Sciences USB Köln
South Asia Südasien-Institut Heidelberg Südasien-Institut der Universität Heidelberg
Spain and Portugal SUB Hamburg SUB Hamburg
Sport Sciences
Technology TIB Hannover TIB Hannover
Veterinary Medicine TiHo Hannover TiHo Hannover